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What are we offering in Pärnamõisa?

Pärnamõisa - a place where you can feel the good energy and mystical adventures at an old manor place. A place for a person who values silence, quality, care and clean nature. Pärnamõisa motto: "Do it with your heart or don't do it at all."

Every year, guests tend to come back to our house again and again.

We offer you to discover Kihnu in the most suitable way - by bicycle. This way you can feel the atmosphere of nature and don't have to walk to the other end of the island for several hours.

In the yard of Pärnamõisa there is a wood workshop where you can see Kihnu's largest and most productive woodworker in winter called Enno. This workshop produces both souvenirs and custom-made work: doors, stairs and furniture. During the summer, Puukoi has a lot to do with building houses from foundation to roof.

"Kõik pääväd ei põlõ suamapääväd aga kõik pääväd ond süemäpääväd."


Linaküla, Pärnamõisa

Kihnu Vald

88003 Pärnu maakond


+372 523 5909

Thank your for contacting us! We will come back to you as soon as possible!

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