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In the yard of Pärnamõisa there is a wood workshop where you can see Kihnu's largest and most productive wood master Enno. This workshop produces both souvenirs and custom-made work: doors, stairs and furniture. During the summer, Puukoi has a lot to do with building houses from foundation to roof. Feel free to contact Puukoiga! +372 501 5959.



We offer construction services from foundation to turnkey.



Puukoi likes to figure out solutions that not everyone can handle. A door, a staircase cabinet or a wooden sink. The harder the better. The work of a wood master is special and high quality, it is not for everyone.

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The wood master makes various interesting souvenirs during the winter, come and find out in Kihnu!


Linaküla, Pärnamõisa, Kihnu Vald, 88003 Pärnu maakond, Estonia

+372 501 5959

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